About BDR Buildcon Limited (BDR)

BDR was founded in 2010 with a seemingly ambitious commitment of redefining the parameters by which real estate companies are judged. Though an ambitious goal for the company still in its infancy, the Group has long proved the critics wrong by ushering in an era of professionalism, integrity, customer focus and an unwavering approach to quality. After delivering several world class projects, BDR has, in a short span, become a name to reckon with in the real estate sector in India.

Our Company deals in all kinds of real estate projects primarily relating to the residential sector since its incorporation. Our principal focus, across our developments, is on premium residential projects as we believe that there exist significant growth opportunities in this segment of the real estate market. Most of our residential projects involve the construction of apartment complexes with multiple story apartment buildings. With each home a hallmark of an incredible amalgamation of luxury, comfort and style, BDR homes have been crafted keeping the dreams of the residents in mind.

We have established a detailed internal system for project development, implementation and monitoring to ensure proper identification and acquisition of potential project sites, effective and organized design and planning procedures, and efficient procurement, construction and other execution processes in order to complete projects on time and within budget. We believe these systems facilitate efficient operations and ensure consistent quality across all of our projects, thereby shortening project timelines and allowing us to successfully execute complex projects.

We emphasize quality control to ensure that our buildings meet our standards. We control quality by selecting only latest design and construction companies. We intend to continue to follow our outsourcing model and further strengthen our relationships with key service providers such as architects and contractors. This will enable our management to focus more on our core business by continuing to outsource the design and construction to our service providers.

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